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by Paul Donovan

Best Portable Generator Reviews

Portable generators are very useful devices to have in the home. There are many homes nowadays that require one especially those homes that need to have some of their appliances and other equipment running 24/7. If you have a ton of food in the fridge, you’ll be happy to have a generator supply the needed electricity until the power comes back or else you may have to start cooking a very heavy dinner. We have had generators for as long as I can remember. Until now, I have used a variety of generators for quite a while. I can already tell which new models are no good and which ones will work for my home.

Briggs and Straton Portable Generator Portable Generator Reviews   Best Portable Generators

Briggs and Stratton 3250 Watt Portable Generator

What is a Portable Gas Generator?

A portable gas generator, simply put is a diesel or gas powered device that provides electricity for short term use. This device has the capacity to produce electricity up to a certain level of wattage. Depending on the amount of electricity that these devices can generate, the power they produce can be put to use for a lot of different practical uses. You can plug a variety of electrical appliances that need to be powered into their sockets. If the generator is powerful enough, it can even be wired direction into a house’s sub panel.

How Do Home Portable Gas Generators Work?

People usually use a portable power generator during power outages. The amount of power that a generator can supply will depend on its wattage. Thus home generators usually come in different sizes. However, they only produce enough electricity to be used in a home setting. That means that they’re not practical for business use. There are small 900 watt generators and there are also 17,000 watt larger generators.

To keep things simple, a portable generator is like an alternator and combustion engine mounted on a frame.  The engine will work like any other internal combustion system. It burns fuel in order to gain power to move a shaft. This shaft then spins an electromagnet located within a coil. The coil then creates electricity by converting mechanical energy into current electricity or electrical energy. I hope that didn’t sound too Greek (or geeky) for you.

Benefits of Using Portable Generators

The main benefit of using this electrical device is to have some form of back up power when the lights go out. If you live in a place where power outages usually happen then portable power will be a great solution. Some people consider a gas generator as a life saving device especially if there are essential electrical appliances that need to run 24/7 – like a fridge full of pudding for instance!

Kidding aside, we all use electricity everyday to run all the high tech stuff we use today. A lot of things in the house will need electricity. Even if you go camping, a portable generator can help you go the extra mile and make the experience a bit more comfortable. Another good reason to use generators is to save on power costs when your main energy source runs out. They are the most economical source of electrical power other than the usual electricity running from the wall.

Home Portable Generator Buying Tips

There a lot of things that people should think about when looking for the best portable generator. Other than the price, you should consider the wattage capacity that your house will require and what the generator can supply. Find out how much noise a different generators produce. Check out the type of fuel as well. You also have to think about the dimensions of the device as well.

What is the best Portable Generator?

There is basically no single brand or model that will work best for everyone. Remember that it will all depend on your own individual needs and the type of appliances that you use at home.  Here in this site we will include a lot of honest product reviews of different portable generators that show their best and worst qualities.